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  • 2-Hour Turnaround Time: We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best delivery time in the industry!
  • 95% Hit Rate: No one else matches our results, giving you the most accurate phone numbers, email addresses, and current mailing address.
  • LLC Business Search: We offer top tier skip tracing for LLCs! Get the most up to date and accurate LLC data in the industry!
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Less Than 5000 Records

The perfect service if you don't have a huge list of records, but still cost effective against any other competitors in the industry!

More Than 5000 Records

Have thousands of records you need updated? No problem, our team will even format your sheet for you when we're done!

LLC Business Information Search

Can't find contact information for a list of businesses? Don't worry, we'll get you the most recent emails and phone numbers!

Probate (Next of Kin) Search

Have a list of properties that are in probate or possible foreclosure, but can't locate the rightful owner or next in line? We can help too!

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What is the turnaround for my order?
Being the nation's #1 skip tracing company, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best service, one of them being our turnaround time. You can expect your list back in just a couple of hours, and guaranteed no later than 24hrs!
Is there a minimum number of records to upload for an order?
No minimum amount of records are required! We provide the lowest price on the market at $0.15/hit.
What information do I need to skip trace someone?
In order to receive great results we ask you to have first name, last name, and full address in your CSV / XLSX file. We also do skip trace lists without owner name as long as the full address is on file.
How can I increase my odds on getting more accurate hits?
By providing us with as much information as possible such as first and last name, mailing address, property address, and other fields of information you may have.
How accurate is the data with Clear Skip?
With an accuracy of up to 95% on average, our reliability is above any other skip tracing company out there!
What is your refund policy?
We unfortunately do not offer any refunds for any reason. Once an order is submitted we are unable to make any revisions.
Can you skip trace LLCs, Trusts, LPs, Corps, etc.?
As of now, we can skip trace individual names and LLC’s. As we continue to rapidly grow, we will be bringing customers like yourself more value by adding more search categories to our list.
What do I get billed for?
Another reason why we are the nation's #1 skip tracing service is because we bill per hit, and not per record submitted!
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